$75  |  Colonez Therapy is recognized worldwide as a health and beauty treatment and is a safe, effective means of releasing toxins from the body. A series of colonez therapy and herbal cleansing regimens help remove the buildup of waste in the colon, restoring its ability to absorb water and nutrients. Our relaxing environment and equipment allow you to do your cleanse privately.

A simple colon cleansing program is one of the most important, positive steps you can take to establish and maintain an optimal level of health and energy.  Many people report feeling lighter and less bloated after just one colon cleansing session.  Other benefits of Colon Cleansing include hydration of the body, improved levels of energy, heightened mental clarity, increased absorption of vitamins & minerals from food and supplements, improved complexion and weight loss.

A single colon hydrotherapy session can produce the same results as having numerous regular bowel movements. Eliminations during following sessions can be even more significant as older, putrefied feces are eliminated from the colon walls.  


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