Body Polish


75 minutes $115  | Perfect for sensitive skin, this heavenly scented exfoliating treatment stimulates new cell growth and is an excellent remedy for reducing stress. Warm macadamia oil is massaged into the skin followed by a sustainably harvested cane sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your body from head to toe. This scrub not only cleans and softens, but also stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin. A Nourishing cream is then massaged into the skin, dissolving the scrub. Book Online.

Body Wraps

A vigorous dry brushing stimulates lymphatic flow and exfoliates the skin. Body wraps induce a deep state of relaxation, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce swelling, re-mineralize the skin, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. While wrapped, a scalp massage induces ultimate relaxation. Options include:


Detox & Slim 

60 minutes $90  |  Toning and slimming; naturally expels the build-up that causes cellulite and stimulates the metabolism.  Book Online.

Calm & Hydrate

60 minutes $90  |  Reduce water tension, alleviate joint pain, draws impurities out of the skin. Book Online.


Body Polish and Wrap 

90 minutes $145  |  Combine our Body Polish and Body Wrap for the optimal body treatment. Book Online.