Body Polish


60 minutes $90  |  This gentle body exfoliation removes dull surface skin and improves circulation. Afterwards, a nourishing cream is applied, resulting in soft, revitalized skin. Book Online.


Body Wraps

A vigorous dry brushing stimulates lymphatic flow and exfoliates the skin. Body wraps induce a deep state of relaxation, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce swelling, re-mineralize the skin, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. While wrapped, a scalp massage induces ultimate relaxation. Options include:


Detox & Slim 

60 minutes $90  |  Toning and slimming; naturally expels the build-up that causes cellulite and stimulates the metabolism.  Book Online.

Calm & Hydrate

60 minutes $90  |  Reduce water tension, alleviate joint pain, draws impurites out of the skin. Book Online.


Body Polish and Wrap 

90 minutes $145  |  Combine our Body Polish and Body Wrap for the optimal body treatment. Book Online.