Barbara Jones
Owner & Aesthetician

Barbara Jones had personal reasons for becoming an aesthetician. As a young adult, she developed acne and started seeing a facialist, who saved her skin.

Barbara's training encompasses the traditional, the holistic, and the practical. She studied herbology and natural medicine with a Cherokee Medicine Man, and was schooled in classical European skin care by Sylvie Hennessy, the French dermatologist who went on to create the Pevonia skin care line. Barbara also became a certified colon hydrotherapist after seeing firsthand the remarkable changes that internal detoxification made in her own skin. 

After becoming an aesthetician, Barbara did facials and other treatments at salons throughout the Twin Cities, including Edinburgh USA, the Calhoun Beach Club, and the Thomas Charles Salon. In 2006, seeking to combine the treatment modalities that helped her, Barbara opened Aurora Spa. She expanded the business in 2008. 

While there is virtually no facial skin care treatment Barbara doesn't excel in, she is renowned for several — her classic European facials, acne treatments, and shaping and styling eyebrows.


Rohanna Jones

Rohanna Jones specializes in treatments that detoxify the body inside and out. 

She graduated in aesthetiology from the International Dermal Institute, is a certified colon hydrotherapist, and studied with the late Frank Berg, whose cellulite reduction treatment was so exceptional that he was known as the "butt man" among Hollywood celebrities. Berg taught Rohanna how to get rid of the lumps and bumps of cellulite naturally. 

Cellulite reduction now represents the majority of Rohanna's work, but she also specializes in other areas, including detoxifying the lymphatic system, colon hydrotherapy, acne facials, and massage therapy that is customized to the needs of the individual. In addition, Rohanna does lash tinting, perms and extensions as well as make-up consultations and applications.


Kristin wegwerth
Massage Therapist, Detox

Kristin is finishing up her massage education and detoxification requirements and beginning her career at Aurora Spa where she continues to refine her craft and hone her skills.  Her bodywork is rooted in Swedish Massage, carefully blending deeply relaxing techniques in a beautiful flow to help you release stress and tension. Excellent for relaxation and the release of tension.