Happy Mother's Day

The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. They can go from fighting to laughing in a second, but one thing remains constant-their unconditional love for one another.

Next month will mark our 11 year anniversary of opening Aurora Spa. Barbara is the foundation. My mother's work ethic is incredible. Watching how passionate she is about skin and internal health is always inspiring. She is constantly reading articles, studying new technology, and exploring skin care trends. I tend to be the outspoken, creative one. Together we find a symbiotic balance. 

One lesson we've learned from working so closely together is to not shy away from disagreement. If we simply placate each other, what we do becomes flat and uninteresting. Controversary can generate creative energy and make final outcomes better. Ultimately, it is our undisputed trust in each other that ensures a successful working dynamic.

Rohanna grew up in the salon/spa business running around Horst's warehouse and the Calhoun Beach Club and now Rohanna's daughter Diem is sometimes at the spa after school. We love having her youthful energy here and remembering the unbridaled enthusiasm that the young possess. Diem loves learning about the services we offer and why they work. She can't wait to take over the Spa when she's older.


Our traditions for Mother’s Day



Planting. Rain or shine, Mother's Day marks the first Sunday of our weekly summer trek to the Saint Paul's farmer's market. We like to wake up early, stop for lattes and a hot chocolate for Diem; and spend the better part of the morning buying plants, flowers, herbs and veggies for our home gardens and the outdoor pots at the spa. Over the years, we've simplified our garden beds to be wild and native, attracting butterflies and bumble bees. Our home pots are full of delicious herbs and tomatoes. 

Tomatoes act as a natural sunscreen and fight against cellular damage. We usually have 8 tomato plants growing throughout the summer months. Grape tomatoes are Diem's favorite warm weather snack to pick herself. 

The health benefits of herbs are as plentiful as their flavors. Sage improves brain function and memory. Holy basil, a sacred herb in India, is an amazing immunity booster and helps to fight infection. Rosemary prevents allergies and nasal congestion. Cilantro and parsley are deeply cleansing, able to pull heavy metals from the body and cleanse the blood and pepermint is great for calming an upset stomach.



We typically don't exchange gifts but rather seek out an adventure or an experience with family members. One of our gift giving tradions is to give each other a facial. Mothers Day is the perfect time to give the skin a good 'spring cleaning'.

Happy Mother's Day! love, Barbara and Rohanna

Happy Mother's Day! love, Barbara and Rohanna