Eating for Health: A Wellness Celebration

Are you trying to find information on the best food choices? Do you strive for renewed energy, allergy control, weight management and sustainable eating habits?

Be inspired to create a healthier life, by signing up for this life-changing class. During these 5-weeks, you'll learn the foundations of nutrition and why it is essential for optimal health, beauty and vitality. 

Learn what foods to eat to cleanse, build or balance your body. Not a diet fad, but an approach to healthy eating to last a lifetime.


The details:

  • Where: Aurora Spa (1609 W Lake St., Minneapolis)
  • When: 5 consecutive Mondays: Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19, Feb 26, and Mar 5th, 2018
  • Time: 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Cost: We suggest a donation of $40 to Second Harvest Heartland
Shrug off old habits and kick start your way to a newer and healthier life.

Shrug off old habits and kick start your way to a newer and healthier life.

Kris Ulland is a graduate of Bauman College. As a nutrition consultant, she teaches holistic health and nutrition with the Eating for Health approach. She is strongly committed to improving  the health of her clients through whole food based nutrition and supportive lifestyle habits. By listening closely to the needs of each client, and then combining research-based suggestions, practical advice and an achievable vision of personal success, Ms. Ulland will empower clients to improve their health and achieve their own life goals. 


For additional Information and to reserve your space please call Aurora Spa at (952) 922 - 1222

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